How to Design Your Perfect Interior

Gail Doby

How to Design Your Perfect Interior provides the information, options, direction and decision tools to make a wise and educated decision about how to achieve the perfect interior. It is full of insider tips and insights from experienced interior designers that can help save time and money when choosing a DIY project or hiring a design professional. You will learn: The most common and costly mistakes to avoid, what to watch for when buying online, questions to answer before making any design decisions, eight steps to successfully design a perfect interior, where to go for help and how to select the best interior design professional for a project. Available in PDF only. When ordering this publication on its own, please select shipping code "ASIDUNi course or Publications PDF Item" to avoid shipping charges. Publication will be sent via email to the email address on file with ASID.

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142 pages
Published: 2012
Publisher: American Society of Interior Designers and Design Success University

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